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Ashiatsu Massage

Note from Healing Tree Massage:
Laura Houston sent me this email after her first Ashiatsu experience with me. She told me I could publish it online as is. It says everything and more regarding Ashiatsu at Healing Tree Massage.

But to my athletes, this is something I incorporate all the time. This technique works for injuries, getting in deep to muscle core and making you feel great!


Subject: Feel happy
Date: Mon.September 12,2005

I just had the best massage of my life. You should have one too. It's called ashiatsu massage...where the massage therapist uses those parallel bars above the table to "lightly" and then more "assuredly" walk on your back. The strokes are long, wonderful and soothing. The result is complete relaxation. You can get this done by Miriam German, LMT at Healing Tree Massage.

Now for the details. She is amazing with her feet. You don't even know they're feet. You would swear they are hands. Man hands. She uses steady pressure to stretch and work the muscles in your back. There is NO PAIN involved. It's just really deep and peaceful. It's very therapeutic and healing.

You'll notice a difference right away when you get up off the table and you are not stiff or sore anywhere. You'll feel lighter. You will also notice when you are driving home that you are two inches taller from being stretched out again. You'll feel so good you don't know what to do. You will be energized and relaxed all at the same time. It's a very unusual feeling for Americans.

Miriam used to be the spa director at Aequis. Yeah. That's right. The best spa in town. But there you pay $125 for an hour of massage. At Healing Tree you only pay $75. And it's worth every hard-earned dollloar to feel like this.

Miriam has a great way about her. She is interesting. she has that mellow, hippie style with long curly hair and soft cotton dresses. She moves like a ballerina and has slight figure, but here's the kicker: she's a boxer. Yeah. And she's strong. Floats like a butterfly. Easy to be around.

Also, her place is nice and clean, and it smells good,too. And she does these little luxurious things like gives you a GREAT scalp massage, and I won't tell the rest because it is a surprise, and you'll wish for it dearly, and you won't be happy until you get it.

Anyway, it is the best massage of my life. Please go see her if your are feeling overwhelmed or stressed by all the craziness going on right now the world or in your job.

I like my friends to be happy, too. And you deserve it. You do. Trust me.